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What is CAPAA?

Creative and Performing Arts Academy
OCSAC Dancers
Last Updated: 9/3/2020 7:08 PM

To enroll in CAPAA you will need to schedule an audition. Once you are accepted into the program you may contact your school counselor to help you with your registration for the upcoming school year.


CLICK HERE for audition information and to register.


CAPAA Course Descriptions CLICK HERE



Visualize a high school program for Oldham County students with a deep-rooted passion for the pursuit of both artistic and academic excellence; For the student who is considering a professional career in the performing arts, preparing for post-secondary degree programs or pursuing a non-major study of the arts, CAPAA provides a performing arts training program during the school day that allows students to explore, gain hands-on learning experience and consider their contribution to the cultural conversation that is their future.

Students enrolled in CAPAA focus in one of three arts areas: String Orchestra, Technical Theatre, or Musical Theatre. Guided by a mentor/advisor/teaching staff, the students complete a sequence of college/industry-preparatory courses to fulfill and enhance the Kentucky graduation requirements.

Mission: To prepare students to skillfully compete in arts careers and contribute to the cultural conversation by means of individual excellence and a classical understanding of how the arts have the ability to influence and reflect culture.
School Design: All students in CAPAA choose an area of focus. Four credits of an art focus and a 2-year Portfolio are required in the chosen area:
  • Instrumental Music
  • Technical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
CAPAA is a competency-based school. Credit is awarded when proficiency is demonstrated. Instead of merely offering courses, material is delivered with components that include content, application, and performance. In addition to the core content for each art focus the following are offered to supplement:
  • Studio day - a dedicated day each week allows for attention to individual projects and time with assigned staff mentors.
  • Additional Workshops - 1-3 weeks, focused on specific artistic or academic skills. Guest artists and community members frequently work with students during workshop weeks.

CAPAA Principal: Allison Steineker

CAPAA Executive Director: Alvin MacWilliams

CAPAA Artistic Program Director: Kathie Davis

What is CAPAA?