On-Line Performance Tickets

Last Updated: 8/31/2020 11:39 AM
Purchase On-Line Performance Tickets

Performances are currently available as "Pay per view" and are pre-recorded. We are currently unable to perform "Live on Stage". 

          Upcoming Performances Tickets go on sale 10 days prior to show dates 



Tickets may now be purchased on-line. Click on the TICKETS button next to show dates and choose your seats.
Tickets for different days and shows must be purchased
separatelyPlease print your tickets. Each person must have a valid ticket to present at the door. (Performers will have one day prior to sale date to choose tickets)
There will be a Tickets  icon to click on when tickets are available.

Please click here to view our Performance & Event Ticket Policy

Performance Hall Seating Chart

Please note the seats in RED DO NOT show up on the online ticket service. The red seats can only be purchased by contacting the Arts Center. If you need the aisle seat in red, you will need to purchase it through the Arts Center.

Performance Hall Seating Chart