RAKU Workshop Series Spring 2021

Last Updated: 4/14/2021 6:37 PM
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Experience the ancient craft of RAKU. Developed in 16th century Japan, this fascinating method of producing pottery continues to enthrall artists today. In this age old tradition, wares are removed from the kiln while still red-hot and rapidly cooled in combustion chambers creating a wide variety of rich and unique surface effects that cannot be reproduced by any other means.

Participants will create their own artwork at workshop(s) and return on May 22nd to observe the firing of the artwork.

Dates and Times for Workshop Series (Attend one or all):

May 1st: 10am-1pm

May 8th: 1-4pm

May 15th: 1-4pm

May 22nd: 1-5pm (Firing of Artwork)

This workshop series is FREE to students Grades 9th-12th and Adults in the community.

Space is limited. Register to reserve your space.

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