Oldham County Board of Education

Last Updated: 10/1/2021 5:47 PM

Our Vision:  All Oldham County students, supported by family, community, and schools will participate in relevant engaging, quality learning tasks, in safe, well-designed schools, guided by highly-skilled teachers and visionary leaders. Graduates of Oldham County Schools will pursue a life of continuous learning, contribute to their communities, participate thoughtfully in American democracy, and compete successfully in the local, national and international economy. 

District 1  
Joyce Fletcher, Chairperson 

District 2  
Suzanne Hundley

District 3  
Larry Dodson

District 4  
Andrea Neikirk

District 5  
Patrick Kehoe

OCBE Board Meeting 2021

From left to right -  Board Members:  Andrea Neikirk, Suzanne Hundley, Patrick Kehoe, Larry Dodson, Joyce Fletcher (Board Chair) - Superintendent: Dr. Jason Radford