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Stephanie VanderZouwen

Stephanie VanderZouwen teaches piano lessons a the Oldham County Schools Arts Center. She first came to OCSAC as a high school student and participated in several classes including chamber music and rock camp. She is delighted that she now gets to provide quality musical instruction as a teacher for other students and be a part of continuing an educational legacy.

Stephanie obtained a B.S. in Music Education from Asbury University and an M.A. in Psychology of Music in Education from the University of Sheffield. She is passionate about gathering and conducting research expanding the knowledge base of educational psychology, particularly as it relates to musical instruction. She specifically focuses on themes of student autonomy and individuality and cultural constructs of the teacher/student relationship.

Stephanie uses her study and research to support her teaching and offers a variety of educational methods to meet the diverse needs of her students. She facilitates student-led instruction in which the interests and goals of the individual student guide the learning path in order to prompt creativity and musical decision-making.

Stephanie plays a variety of musical styles and provides instruction in both classical music reading and popular chord chart use. In addition to teaching, she enjoys playing in a country/western band and accompanying choirs, instrumentalists, and vocalists at local churches and events.

Stephanie lives with her husband, Nick, a fellow music educator and performer. Their ideal weekend includes playing with their cat Stella, watching the movie National Treasure, and eating street tacos.