Parents & Students

Last Updated: 4/18/2019 5:32 PM

Family involvement pays huge dividends in a child’s education. Every school day, Oldham County families and members of our community support education, knowing it takes strong teamwork with teachers and other school staff to provide the first-class education all children deserve.

OCLI Students

Help your child succeed

  • Your interest in your child’s progress and school activities demonstrates that you value education.
  • Expect youngsters to do their best in school
  • Ask what they learned in class
  • Encourage them to find out more
  • Provide space, time and materials for homework
  • Ensure nutritious meals, physical activity and rest
  • Read and talk with children about books
  • Limit television viewing and other passive activities
  • Regularly attend parent-teacher conferences
  • Champion trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, ­fairness, caring and citizenship
  • Keep informed about the issues that impact education through school newsletters, regular communication with staff members, our social media sites and this website

Get involved

  • Participate in the PTA
  • Attend school events
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Speak on career days
  • Assist in classrooms
  • Volunteer time