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Theatre Productions

Oldham County Youth Theatre

Trina Jackson, Artistic Director

Halloween Musical Revue Fundraiser

Congratulations to our Cast!



Matthew Meadows: Jack's Lament, Chow Down, Little Priest 

Mary Einfledt: Evil Like Me(featuring Rue Einfeldt), Suddenly Seymour 

Julianne Horn: Poor Unfortunate Souls, I Put a Spell On You, Chow Down

Shannon Stocker: Mother Knows Best(featuring Cassidy Stocker), Good N Evil 

Greg Wood: Be Prepared, Suddenly Seymour, Phantom of the Opera

Rachel Strader: Music of the Night, Chow Down, Little Priest 

Lauren Blasi: I Put A Spell On You, Stepsisters Lament 

Martin Brooks: Little Ditches

Susan Brooks: Little Ditches, Death is Just Around the Corner 

Katie Kennedy: Good N’ Evil, Stepsisters Lament 

Lindsey Lewis: No Good Deed, Good N’ Evil 

Elizabeth Bolls: Ballad of Jane Doe, Phantom of the Opera

Rich Neal: Dentist, Creepy Old Guy 

Makayla Sharp: Dead Mom, Creepy Old Guy 

Autumn Philpot: Pulled

Kyle Brice: Hellfire, Oogie Boogie Song 


Elliot Einfledt, Addison Gregory, Garret Appelmen

Theatre Productions

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