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OCBE Resource Center

The Resource Center is CLOSED until further notice.

Effective Monday June 24, 2024.

Thank you.

The Oldham County Board of Education Resource Center is housed at the Oldham County Schools Arts Center. Founded in 1991, the Resource Center is a non-profit facility whose primary purpose is providing a location for the creation of instructional projects to enhance the education of children.

In addition, the Resource Center is open to local civic organizations, churches, and small or cottage businesses for the development of projects and presentations. Crafters and scrappers are also welcomed.

The Center features two hot laminators, GBC binding equipment, a poster/banner maker, a button maker, and five Ellison letter presses with over 400 die cut patterns available.


Resource Center300



The Resource Center Coordinator is Donna Garrett. She can be reached at 502-241-6018, ext. 354 or through e-mail at